Courage Labs, LLC

Courage Labs is a corporation for public benefit whose current mission is to transform the world of work from the inside. Our main vehicles for this change are Agile Heart and Open-Source Software.

Agile Heart

Wondering how to create the perfect team? How to be the perfect team member? Agile Heart takes the innovation of the Agile Manifesto and makes it accessible to everybody, not just software teams. We focus solely on helping organizations value Individuals and interactions.

The Heart of Agile; Copyright 2015 Saku Huttunen "Heart of Agile" image designed by Saku Huttunen

Core Practices

Individual Practices
Designed to help you as an individual act from your Agile Heart.
Direct Experience (Article coming soon. Some research from November, 2014.)
Improve your personal resilience. Increase focus and reduce stress.
Deep Listening
Learn a different style of listening that can help you and your team actually thrive on change.
Dynamic Conversation
Add value to every meeting you attend with this simple but powerful technique.
Team Practices
Designed to help your team act from its collective Agile Heart.
Team Alliance
Create and maintain a stable core from which your team acts with purpose. Supports you from forming through to norming.
Dynamic Facilitation Modified (Draft article)
Have dynamic, productive, creative meetings where everyone has a voice and the right decisions get made, almost magically. Supports you from storming through to norming and possibly to performing.
Peer-Based Feedforward (Article)
Giving and receiving feedback is a nice side-effect of this strong relationship-building tool. Supports you from norming to performing, and even to adjourning.

Agile Heartâ„¢ Training

It's one thing to read about Agile Heart practices. It's another thing altogether to do it. Learn from people who are practicing Agile Heart first-hand. Training retreats focus on deepening your mastery in the core practices, as well as adding more tools to help you and your team be successful in any endeavor.

Our next public training retreat will be on April 11, 2015, and is currently closed. To be notified about future public retreats, or to request a private retreat customized for your organization, send a message to


Get help on your Agile Heart journey from an expert coach. Focusing on individual- and team-oriented coaching, we are here to support you. Coaching is offered both independently and as part of an Agile Heart training package.

Sample Service Offerings

  1. Facilitation of group core practices so you can "see how it's done"
  2. Individual and team performance coaching

Email to request a custom coaching plan. All coaches are certified through the International Coach Federation.

Open-Source Software

The purpose of every piece of software we write is to help your organization become more healthy. We make it easy to create visibility into parts of the organization that were previously very difficult to articulate, including, but not limited to:

  1. Organizational Structure (active development)
  2. Financial Health (inactive)

Our hope is that by creating more visibility, everyone can participate more fully. These platforms make that simple.


It's one thing to install some software, but another thing altogether to use it well. We can help you get the most out of our free software solutions. Contact for more information.