Courage Labs

Mindfulness is increasingly being shown by the scientific community to increase our: resilience in the face of difficult situations, ability to fight infection, mental clarity, and overall happiness. It’s no surprise, since programmers use their minds almost exclusively and must usually work with other people, that we would recommend mindfulness as an important tool for creating amazing software craftspeople.

We, along with some interested friends, are trying out a new retreat format that will work on you from the inside. While you are on retreat, you are working on all of the above, at the same time writing code or learning a new skill. In this way, you are training your brain to associate that feeling of mental stability with your primary craft: thinking on others’ behalf. This will then increase your value to those who rely on your unique set of skills.

While the agile community typically teaches processes and techniques for dealing with a software project, in effect “working around” the natural tendencies of you or your teammates, our approach works at the root cause: your mind. This doesn’t mean the daily scrum or planning meeting aren’t important — we just simply don’t work on those things here.

So, are you interested in stepping onto this path with us? Our first beta retreat will start on Thursday, January 15th at 7pm somewhere in central Illinois. It will end Sunday, January 18th at 6pm. We will be testing our retreat format, so all we ask is that you pay for food and lodging. You will also be given an opportunity to provide a gift to the organizers, as a form of gratitude for the work that was done to make the retreat happen.

We are limiting this retreat to 13 people. First come, first served. We will maintain a waitlist.

Take some time off to invest in your mind. Register now.